Pharmacy Technicians

Approved Continuing Education Programs

The University of Illinois College of Pharmacy Office of Continuing Education and Meeting Services (OCEMS) has released 22 ACPE-approved Technician Education Programs. More programs are currently in development.

Check back for updates.

Free Activities

Nerissa Caballes, PharmD

Naloxone Dispensing

Available through: April 1, 2021
Faculty: Nerissa Caballes, PharmD

Mary Moody, BS Pharm

USP 800 Are you Ready?

Available through: April 1, 2021
Speaker: Mary Moody, BS Pharm

Premium Activities

Sonia Shah, PharmD

Smoking Cessation

Available through: June 10, 2021
Faculty: Sonia Shah, PharmD

Karla Nesnidal, PharmD

Viral Gastroenteritis

Available through: August 16, 2021
Faculty: Karly Nesnidal, PharmD